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Essential Lemon Oil
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Essential Oil Lines (oily skin)

Essential Oil skin very oily
Essential Oil oily skin with dandruff
Essential Oil oily skin and reddened
Essential oils or ethereal oils are products obtained by extracting aromatics from plant materials which are rich in 'essences'. O'Clue Laboratories are taking advantage of this millennial knowledge and the use of these essences combining them with new discoveries of modern cosmetic technology.
This is how our balancing oil sebum has been created by using new information for the treatment for very oily scalp, oily dandruff and oily with a tendency to redden.
Numerous organic principles and bio-dynamic that act in synergy with the greasy hair balancing sebum treatment predispose to deeply purify the scalp.
Ensuring renewed and better cells and cleaning without the same mantle of hydrolipidic tissues which are more trophic and become the ideal environment for healthier hair.
The mysterious aromas of myrtle, the freshness of sage, the lively scent of bergamot and the ancient smells of lavender provide healing benefits from ancient aroma therapy.
We recommend the use of the essential oils balancing sebum in combination with the greasy hair treatment and follow the instructions in the PDF.

Revitalizing Line

Essential Oil Reinforcing
A renewed and vigorous research has been created by O'Clue which combines a mixture of invigorating materials capable of giving new life to hair.
The active ingredients of the fortifying Energy Volume Shampoo prepares the scalp with its combination of thyme and rosemary content in the energy volume treatment.
Proper microcirculation assures a better tropism of the tissues contributing to the hair's strength. A sequence of instinctual actions and depth gives a new spring to the hair.
It is advisable to associate the shampoo and treatment of the Energy Volume line according to the instructions provided in the PDF.
To make the rejuvenating treatment more effective it is recommended to used the Energy Volume with a few drops of the Turmeric Zedoary Essential Oil and to follow the instructions in the PDF.

Essential Oil Lines (scalp with dandruff)

Essential Oil scalp with dandruff cyclic
Essential Oil localized scalp with dandruff
Essential Oil persistent scalp with dandruff
Essential Oil flushed skin
The healing properties of the essential oils are ancient and their origin was lost in the mists of time.
Each drop contains a precious wealthiness that can catalyze and give a high energy process. A power inherent in a vibrating fluid, an arcane mystery that uses natural and primordial elements. An array of knowledge with natural medicine practiced and applied by O'Clue cosmetics.
It employs the benefits of pure essential oils to combat dandruff in a completely natural way. A process that promotes bio-dynamic that moves in a gentle but effective way balancing the scalp affected by dandruff. It is this kind of persistent, cyclical, localized pigmented or simply inhibiting the processes of inflammation of a very red scalp.
The spicy scent of Manuka, the freshness of lavender, the decisive hint of helichrysum and the sweet fragrance of calendula ignite the senses giving a pleasant feeling of well being and cleanliness.
We recommend the use of the essential oils anti-dandruff in combination with the dandruff treatment. Carefully following the instructions in the PDF.